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Water is connected to wisdom, intuition, and fluidity. Water is the most powerful element for it can move around any obstacle in its path without losing its essential nature.

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H2Oh!™  Design Group Logo

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 When the Ebbs and Flows organically align, that’s when you know it right. It’s our signature and our brand. The compound structure of H20h! Design Group consists of  interior designers with comprehensive knowledge of various architectural and design styles infused with creative color palettes, stylish furnishings, eloquent lighting, enticing textiles as well as interesting accessories.


H2Oh! Design Group’s philosophy and key components are superior performance, craftmanship, and exclusivity while providing a beautifully designed space by flowing functions in addition to moods in a way that is bespoke to fit your needs.

Co-Owner Ebony Starr Batie

               Ebony Batie

                     co-F0under & DesigneR

Ebony is a native of the Midwest, having been born and raised in Wisconsin. She draws inspiration from nature to design decor that incorporates natural elements such as plants, stone, wood, and earth tones. Warm neutral colors embellished with black accents are used to complement these elements.

In spite of her love of all design styles, Ebony naturally gravitates to transitional designs paired with sculptural and unconventional elements.


According to her every space should have its own personality; furniture pieces such as sofas, chairs, and tables should be able to integrate both masculine and feminine characteristics to create both a warm and welcoming ambiance as well as a timeless design. "It is important that the spaces we inhabit have something to say about who we are as individuals."

A graduate of the New York Institute of Art and Design (NYIAD), she also holds degrees in business and accounting from Miles College. Ebony enjoys working with numbers and incorporating them into effective space planning.

Furthermore, she is a member of the Interior Design Society, one of the largest design organizations in the country.

Ashantey Green Martin-creative Director

Co-Owner Tammie Johnson

            Tammie JohnSon

co-Founder & DesigneR

Tammie Price-Johnson, a native of Lubbock Texas is Co-Founder of H2oh! Design Group. Her passion for translating clients' needs and desires into functional spaces that reflect their individual styles makes her an exceptional designer.

Graduating from the New York Institute of Art and Design, she has an extensive background in the arts and design. With a Masters in Business Administration and Resource Management, Tammie has a solid background in business management. She is a member of the Interior Design Society and the International Society of Female Professionals.

Tammie has a unique style and is passionate about mixing design elements from Modern, Vintage, Glam to Eclectic. As an artist her multi-faceted skill set allows her to think outside the box and an even more valuable talent is that she can take the box and create something stunning. Her philosophy is that a design is not successful unless it is functional, sets a mood, and brings harmony to your space. Tammie is committed to providing clients with high-quality personalized service which includes formulating a concept, arranging cost-efficient alternatives, purchasing adequate materials, delivering the finished product, and exceeding all expectations.

Chatambra Hunn-design assistant 

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Graduates from New York Institute of Art and Design
Members of International Design Society
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